grplgme. News Round-Up [5/1/17]

Welcome to the Daily Round-Up of news across the world of professional wrestling, today has definitely been a busy one, here we go:-

  • Several Ring of Honor stars expected to head to WWE soon

This story has been rumored for a very long time now, we did first note this on our Twitter page early last month (I think), Triple H has been monitoring certain stars contracts throughout Ring of Honor for some time, his main target was in fact to bring The Young Bucks to the company but not too long ago they signed an extension deal to keep them with ROH for another two years.

Triple H’s venture into the world of independent wrestling & scouting has brought him a lot of success with talent down in NXT, it’s being said by Dave Meltzer of F4Wonline & the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter) that The Game’s next signee’s are near enough nailed on & there’s some pretty big names in there.

Kyle O’Reilly & Ray Rowe are among the first set of names to sign with the company, Kyle in fact wrestled at New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 11 pay-per-view whilst not being under contract for Ring of Honor & Rowe is said to have sought after a contract from the WWE for some time now.

Another name in the list is of course, Adam Cole, a man that World Wrestling Entertainment has been after for some time, although Cole’s contract isn’t up until May, he’s still expected & wanting to sign for the biggest company in the world of professional wrestling & it will be very interesting to see how all of this turns out.


  • Matt & Jeff Hardy not heading to the WWE

Another one from this weeks Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer went on to say that Matt & Jeff Hardy are not wanted by the WWE, after all the work that both men (especially Matt) have put it during ’16 it’s hard to believe why not.

TNA are trying to sign both men to exclusive deals that will keep them at the company to see the imminent take over & hopeful rise of the company now that Dixie Carter has gone, which brings us to the next story.


  • Dixie Carter finally leaves TNA

Yes, you are finally reading this, Dixie Carter has now left her position as CEO of Impact Ventures, the new deal that saw Anthem take over the company late last year has pushed Dixie out the door, a new venture (& hopefully name) will take Impact to the next level, a level that Carter herself could never take the company to.

Although Dixie is now out of the door she still owns 5% of the company, but fear not, she has no creative input, or any input at all in all reality, Anthem run the whole gig now & here’s to hoping they can take on the WWE in the near future.


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