5 Wrestlers Better Off Staying Indy

It goes without saying that some wrestlers are much better off without the corporate world of sports entertainment, not because it’s a bad place to be, let’s be honest the WWE is the pinnacle of the wrestling world as we know it, but legacies need to be cemented, mouths need to be fed & some careers are in fact better placed away from it, here’s 5 top wrestlers (and teams) that would be better of without the WWE!

  • The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks are arguably the greatest tag team that ever walked the planet Earth & everything they’ve done has been done away from the one major company synonymous with wrestling today, the WWE.

The Superkick Party go-ers recently signed a two-year extension deal to stay with one of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world, Ring of Honor, amidst heavy rumours that they would sign for the haven of ‘sports entertainment’ itself, World Wrestling Entertainment.

But why would it be better for the Bullet Clubbers to stay as far away as possible? Well, for one, they wouldn’t survive in a PG environment, now i’m not saying that they couldn’t adapt to the rules that the WWE apply to their television screenings, i’m saying that when you look at Matt & Nick, what they’ve done over the past few years, what they’ve achieved, were they’ve achieved it, to turn their back on their obscenely heelish ways would be classed as selling out right?


The Bucks are far from sell outs either, they’ve shoved off interest from major companies for years in an aim at achieving everything they possibly can on the Independent Circuit. That’s all well & good too, they’ve not concluded their goals & are heavily devoted to sealing their legacies, a WWE run would not only completely change their image but it would hinder their wrestling abilities in such a watered down wrestling environment.

I’m not completely against the Bucks of Youth joining the WWE though, let’s get that straight, the Bullet Club running roughshod throughout the company is a personal dream of mine but i’d much rather they complete their goals & give us at least a couple more years of brilliance before turning over to the dark side of the wrestling universe.

  • Kenny Omega

The Cleaner & Japan fit like a glove, one would think Kenny was in fact Japanese he’s spent so much time there, but the truth is he’s right up there with the greatest wrestlers in the world & rightly so.

His Independent work, along with his time in New Japan hasn’t gone unnoticed, it’s been quite the opposite, Kenny has been touted to join the WWE on several occasions, never more so than 2016, but with that being said, he’s still battling for the Bullet Club across Japan & the Indies Circuit.

Kenny’s persona is inspired by his love for video games, he named himself after the ‘Omega Weapon’ from the Final Fantasy franchise actually & some of his famous moves, for instance the Hadouken, are of video game inspiration.

Kenny would indeed fit very well into the corporate machines spinning cogs, he’s marketable, every great wrestling fan knows the name, he’s got great character & his in-ring work is nothing short of incredible but with that being said, it’s not his time yet.


Much the same as i wrote on the Young Bucks, Kenny should finish off his legacy in the real world of wrestling before he joins the story-line based machine, most wrestlers these days seem to turn down offers from the WWE to set a legacy in stone on the Independent Circuit or out of love for other promotions, Kenny will go down as one of the best wrestlers to walk God’s green Earth but something tells me that the G1 Climax winner has a lot left to give before he joins the world of sports entertainment.

  • Broken Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy’s first stint in the WWE was nothing short of brilliant, when you look back it really was, but you have to say that being part of a team with his then mega star brother, Jeff Hardy was the reasoning behind that, when the Hardyz made the split official & went on in to singles careers during the first Brand Split, it was Jeff’s name that with synonymous with the image of the Hardy Boyz, Matt seemingly got left behind.

matt-hardy-3An incredible & amazingly real feud with Edge reignited the flame in Matt Hardy’s career but it wasn’t very long lived, Jeff won the major prize in the WWE & Matt was left with a pretty stagnant US Title run before bowing out of the company.

It seems the roles have been reversed, someone of Matt Hardy’s intellect wouldn’t go amiss in today’s wrestling scene though, Matt has years of experience & he knows how to work a crowd, his recent gimmick change to that of a ‘Broken’ man has done wonders for his career, he’s finally got the respect he has deserved after many years in the wrestling business.

The Broken One is on an absolute tear at the moment, he has fans eating out of the palms of his hands, wanting more each week from the now TNA wrestler & he only has himself to thank for that. Matt is arguably the hottest wrestler in the Independent’s at this moment in time.


As of now it would be a massive step down for Matt to rejoin a company that treated his abilities so poorly, for so long. Matt has all the creative freedom he wants & needs, he’s got the world in his hands & what he says goes, that freedom isn’t something that people get in the WWE, everything is so rigidly booked & stagnant at the moment, in this case it’s not that Matt couldn’t bring a certain shine back to the company, it’s that the company would take the shine from Matt, without that freedom it would only be a matter of time until the WWE made another mockery of a well & truly, over guy & that’s not something that Mr Hardy deserves.

One day i hope we see a Broken Matt facing off against the Eater of Worlds in Bray Wyatt, but that boat may have sailed now, we’ll put that one down as a fantasy match for now.

  • Ricochet

Ricochet is currently tearing up the joint on Lucha Underground under the name Prince Puma, which has recently come into fruition as one of the best wrestling shows on TV, a show boasting flawless story-lines & amazing talent to match.


If you haven’t seen Ricochet wrestle, then pause your viewing, get onto YouTube & type in his name, i promise you it won’t disappoint, this is a man who can literally do every possible move you’ve ever heard of, a man with a showcase of different styles, he could be compared to a mixed-martial artist in that he has many wrestling styles.

Admittedly, 2016 was the year i was first put onto the machine that is Ricochet, if you look at the product that WWE offers today, it’s a very watered down wrestling forte’, Ricochet for me does fit the mould, in the way that he can do just about everything but with talent like his, is he too big for the WWE?screen-shot-2016-08-26-at-7-37-50-am

A bold statement, i know, Puma has it all, he has the character base from his work in Lucha Underground, he has the in-ring ability, he knows how to work a crowd & his mic skills are far from terrible.

I just feel that a man of this stature & ability could do a lot more for his career away from the WWE, he’s constantly rumoured to be joining & so he should be, but hopefully he stays Indy for a while longer.

  • Will Ospreay

This one may sound a little repetitive because i feel Ospreay is in the same kind of situation as Ricochet, another insane grappler that has more to accomplish away from the WWE.

ospreaywonI’m going to keep this one short & sweet & also offer up another YouTube break if you haven’t ever seen Will wrestle, it makes for wonderful viewing, i promise.

Will has recently signed deals for Ring of Honor & New Japan Pro Wrestling, so it’s no secret that the WWE is not in his plans for the foreseeable future, he even made that clear during interviews, turning down offers for this Summer’s Cruiserweight Classic tournament & other deals he had thrown his way from the company.

For me, he’s made the right choice, in his short tenure with Ring of Honor so far he’s already captured the TV Title & he’ll certainly capture more Gold, wrestlers of his calibre make it huge throughout their time in the Indies & it’s best he stays there for a few more years at the very least.

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Author: Ollie Jackson

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