How Can Cesaro Be Saved?

It’s no mystery to the WWE Universe that Cesaro hasn’t been feeling very wanted in the WWE for quite some time now, The Swiss Superman has been subject to terrible booking decisions as well as Vince McMahon not allowing Cesaro to get over with the fans.

So what can be done to help Cesaro get to were he feels he needs to be?

Trade Him To SmackDown LIVE

During the Draft Cesaro was very vocal with his grievances once he found out he had been drafted to Monday Night RAW.maxresdefault

It’s no secret to see that he wanted to be drafted to SmackDown LIVE, the land of opportunity, a brand which has done better with it’s lesser talent than RAW has with it’s true Main Eventer’s, Cesaro would certainly be better placed on what we feel is the ‘real A-Brand’.

There’s plenty of ways this can happen, The Miz, as we’ve seen has really re-invented himself over the past few months & during that time his on screen work with Daniel Bryan has been nothing short of incredible, the two have been going at it, week after week & it essentially all ties down to the Intercontinental Championship, along with the A-Lister’s manipulation into defending the Title as little as possible.

Last week we saw Sami Zayn finally get a shot at the Title v The Miz at Survivor Series in a cross-brand Title match-up which would have seen the Title move to Monday’s should Sami have won.

Unfortunately, in his home country, Sami didn’t prevail, The Miz & his wife worked a screw job into the match in the Heart of Canada, gaining Miz even more heel heat whilst dropping Sami back into the ‘Underdog from the Underground’ persona.

mqdefaultBut back to the point, the next cross-brand pay-per view takes place next January in San Antonio, Texas as the Royal Rumble event returns. This is the perfect opportunity to have Cesaro switch brands, pinning him in a match against the Intercontinental Title holder at the time, in a cross=brand Title match up, exactly like that of Sami & Miz.

Having Cesaro win the strap at the event is definitely a move that keeps Cesaro happy & away from the exit door, the next night on RAW Cesaro could air his grievances & demand a transfer to SmackDown LIVE or even better, pull a CM Punk & cross brands without asking, taking the Title with him & keeping the Intercontinental Championship were it belongs, however it is decided to be done, which it should be, it works in everyone’s favour.

Give Him Time On a Microphone

One of the many pleasures that the Main Event players of the wrestling world get is time on a microphone, even if they’re not in the Main Event, some acts still get enough time to perfect their craft on a mic, so why doesn’t Cesaro?raw_1066_photo_197_original

Cesaro first really came into fruition when he was partnered with Jack Swagger as part of the Real Americans, in which none of the two really spoke, they had a spokesman in Zeb Colter to do that for them.

Moving forward from that Cesaro really caught people’s attention with his excellent in-ring skills but again, he was never given the opportunity to tell people how he felt about certain situations in story-lines he was a part of.

The real problem for me dwindles down to Vince McMahon not allowing him to go further than the spot he’s already in, which is a bit of a farce, the man deserves to be in a better position & he’s no stranger to airing his grievances, as mentioned earlier.

cesaroPutting a mic in Cesaro’s hand & allowing him to deflate on his misfortunes is a recipe for gold & with so many missed opportunities to do so, it’s hard to tell when Cesaro will eventually get the chance to prove his microphone ability, but rest assured Cesaro will grab people’s attention on the mic, the same way he has done in the ring.

Solid Booking

Yet another addition to Cesaro’s worries is the fact that he isn’t booked very well, earlier this year he was booked into a Best of 7 program with fellow European, Sheamus, the winner would be guaranteed a Title shot to a Championship of their choosing, the ending to the feud wasn’t booked very well either, with both men beating the literal sh*t out of each other & having the bell rung before the match was supposed to end, again Cesaro really wasn’t very happy with this.

The next night on RAW, Mick Foley compromised between the two men, who both wanted Title shots, in saying they were to form a Tag Team & challenge for the Tag Titles, which so far, really hasn’t been very bad when you look at how they’ve been doing recently, but do these two really need to be Tag partners? Both men are perfectly fine as singles competitors, maybe there is some distrust backstage, who knows..

The general consensus around the WWE fanbase is that Cesaro can work perfectly fine on his own, he has the in-ring capabilities & as said above, given time on a microphone there would be nothing stopping him from becoming a real heavy hitter in the Mens Division on either brand, Cesaro deserves Title shots & due to a lack of solid booking he’s been relegates to teaming with Sheamus & constantly coming up trumps in matches against The New Day.

mj-618_348_wwe-superstar-cesaros-rules-of-fitnessWhen you combine all 3 points from this article & put it in to practice, you have a man that could have been the man to beat Brock Lesnar or even win a Royal Rumble & Main Event WrestleMania, so take some pointers from your fans, WWE & make Cesaro into the Rreal Swiss Superman that we all know he can be!

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Author: Ollie Jackson

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