Top 5 Dream Matches For 2017

2016 has been an incredible year for wrestling & has really set the benchmark for Dream Matches to come.

From Sami Zayn v Shinsuke Nakamura to DIY v The Revival, each division on each roster has a wealth of talent that are more than capable of putting on 5* matches & if this year is anything to go by then surely we’re in for some treats next year, here’s my Top 5 Dream Matches for 2017 & I’m setting the standard very high!

in no particular order

Shinsuke Nakamura v AJ Styles v John Cena – WWE World Championship [Triple Threat]

The year is 2016 & the poster boys for TNA & New Japan Pro Wrestling over the past 5 years are now poster boys for the WWE, who’d have thunk it?

This match would be fitting in many ways, John Cena has led the line & set the standard for the WWE for over 14 years now & he’s on the cusp of making history, the leader of the Cenation is currently one World Title reign behind the legendary record of Ric Flair, who boasts an incredible 16 World Title reigns. 15151599_1137363776333427_398455054_n

AJ Styles is essentially the John Cena to TNA, a man who held the company on his back for quite some time, a sinking ship revived by the incredible talent of the Champ who now runs a very different Camp.

Shinsuke Nakamura is the pioneer of Japanese Strong Style wrestling, another man that set the tone & standard for another World Class wrestling promotion [i’m not saying TNA is World Class but you know..] & is widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers of all time, along with the likes of John Cena & AJ Styles.

Now i’m sure as you know from Twitter posts & outbursts on the Podcast that i’m not the biggest John Cena fan, but that’s down to his character, i certainly appreciate the things that Cena can do inside a ring, so for article purposes, i had to let you know.

But who wouldn’t want to see this match?

On paper, this match should be set for only one stage, that being the biggest of them all, WrestleMania. With such incredible talent inside the four ring posts, it’s hard to pick a winner, for various reasons people would like to see all of them win, but i’ll leave that down to you, let me know on Twitter @grplgme!

Samoa Joe v Brock Lesnar – WrestleMania 33

Samoe Joe, as i’ve said a million times, is by far the most incredible heel i’ve seen in years, he’s the best in the world, it’s as simple as that, this man has a mean streak like no other, the only man that comes anywere near close to matching that would be the Beast, Brock Lesnar.

15129719_1137367819666356_1075725491_nNow let’s forget your traditional heel v face match-ups, let’s take it back to the good ol’ days & have a heel v heel bout but let’s do this right.

If there is one credible contender to end the destruction that Brock Lesnar has brought to the WWE, it’s Samoa Joe, a man built to the scale of The Beast, a man that poses a threat to anybody he comes into contact with, a super human with the power to conquer the conquerer.

Brock’s next opponent is scheduled to be against Shane McMahon at WrestleMania, if reports are anything to go by, but nobody wants to see another squash match for Brock, filled with a dozen suplexes, an F5 & a Coast to Coast, especially at the show of shows.

A match of this caliber will most definitely sell tickets, especially if Brock Lesnar is involved & this is a match that fans definitely want to see, so this makes perfect sense.

This has to go down with a Samoa Joe victory, a win against Lesnar will push Joe into the stratosphere & elevate his career exponentially, in which The Samoan Submission Machine deserves.

But it also makes sense as to let Brock walk away from the WWE, in which he’s been very vocal about doing, the wrestling business isn’t something he feels love for anymore, so why not get shut of one Brock Lesnar & essentially make a new, much improved version in Joe.

WWE, make this match happen & give Joe the destructive mean streak that he deserves!

Seth Rollins v Shinsuke Nakamura

One match we all need to see before we die is definitely Seth Rollins v Shinsuke Nakamura, Shinsuke has been featured a lot in this list & he’s well deserving of that, being one of the best professional wrestlers in the business today.

Seth Rollins is also in the same bracket as Shinsuke Nakamura, an amazing talent still with a lot left to give to the business, who hasn’t yet hit his prime yet has had such a star studded career to date.15057913_1137371649665973_1156691675_n

A match up consisting of Strong Style v Technical/ High flying prowess, it has all the seeds planted to be a Main Event on any major show across the globe, with both men capable of creating a 5*bout.

It’s a match up we’ll definitely see in the near future but it’s untold as to whether Shinsuke will be drafted to RAW or SmackDown come his Main Roster debut.

Kevin Owens v Sami Zayn – WWE Universal Championship [Hell in a Cell]

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn have had quite the rivalry to date, from their famous battles in NXT to the Match of the Year candidate at Battleground earlier this year.

When these two get in the ring together, you know you’re guaranteed a world class match up, the two former ‘brothers’ have had their differences put aside as of late, with Sami Zayn taking a step back in his career, to which none of us know why, whilst Kevin is at the very top of the card, currently holding the WWE Universal Championship.

Eventually these two will meet inside a ring again, with Sami Zayn (hopefully) about to win his first major Championship & take the Intercontinental Title back to Monday Night’s, once his run with the Title is up, should he win it, he’ll hopefully be pushed into the Main Event sector & with Kevin holding the top prize in the business, it goes without saying it’s another dream match waiting to happen.15139502_1137379852998486_386893304_n

The two Canadians have battled it out since day one, they came up together, they’re the best of friends away from the business but the worst of enemies inside it, they also have previous when it comes to using a little weaponry & a match inside Hell in a Cell makes perfect sense to put to bed this amazing feud.

The SHIELD v The Balor Club

For almost 3 years, The SHIELD owned the yard that is the WWE, everybody in the company had a target on their back & everybody with a target on their back became a deer in the headlights of The Hounds of Justice.

Since Seth Rollins turned his back on his brothers, the 3 members of The SHIELD have gone their seperate ways & they’ve picked up every major Title in the company between them.

There’s heavy rumours that all 3 members will re-unite at Survivor Series, aswell as a possible full time reunion at The Royal Rumble, which ever way the officials backstage decide to go, they need the timing to be right & have some credible opponents for The SHIELD to come up against.

The Club haven’t had the best of runs in the WWE since leaving Japan, in fact it’s been an absolute nightmare, loss after loss is making what was once an incredibly strong & powerful team, look incredibly weak & worthless.15153136_1137399166329888_11385_o

Reuniting The Club with their once leader in Japan, Finn Balor would be incredibly good from a business point of view, it’s what the fans want to see, The Balor Club trademark was purchased by the WWE earlier this year, indicating that at some point, a Club would form to take the company by storm.

The best time to pull the trigger on the Balor Club would be around the same time that The SHIELD would reunite, it’s a credible feud for the men that run rough shot throughout the WWE for so long.

Finn Balor leading the line with the Universal Championship in his sights, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson reigniting the fire inside that we know they have with the Tag Team Championships in hand gives the Hounds of Justice something to go at, as well as a long lasting feud that leaves fans incredibly invested in the outcome & wanting more, week after week.

What did you make of the list? What matches would have made your list? Let us know on Twitter @grplgme & be sure to watch our videos on YouTube!

Author: Ollie Jackson

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