What’s About To Happen To The Intercontinental Championship?

This Tuesday on SmackDown Live, The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler to regain the Intercontinental Championship for a 6th time.

Sami Zayn was scheduled to face the winner of the match at Survivor Series, with a hope of taking the Title back to Monday Night’s on RAW.

The pressing questions that were asked were ‘will the Title stay on RAW?’ ‘will Sami & Miz be traded with each other?’

Over a month or two ago, there was heavy rumours that The Miz would be traded to RAW, these plans have now changed, he’s most definitely staying on SmackDown Live, which also means that Sami will stay on RAW.

The plans as of now are to have Sami win the belt in his home country & take it back to Monday’s, no trade’s between these two will take place in the near future, but who’s to say it won’t ever happen..

Is this the right decision? Discuss with us on Twitter @grplgme


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