Who Should Be The Next #1 Contenders?


WWE Universal Championship – Finn Balor
Finn Balor, a name synonymous to wrestling fans across the world, he’s been a Champion every were he’s been & he’s no stranger to a strap or two in the WWE either.
Finn holds the record for the fastest Main Roster debut to World Title win, there’s no need to question it, a man of his stature in this business deserves everything he has coming to him & the best bit about it is, he’s literally only just getting started.


The Demon King debuted around about this time two years ago in a little developmental territory we like to call NXT. The fans instantly fell in love with him & what’s not to like, i’m not going to waste my time or yours running through every little detail as to why wrestling fans should like him because, let’s be honest, you already know why, but i will tell you why he deserves to be the next #1 Contender to the Universal Title.
We’ll start with a quote from a man you all know, Seth Rollins ‘i was injured, i never lost the title’. If that is anything to go by then the same applies to Finn, Balor was injured in a match against Seth at SummerSlam 2016, in which he took an awkward Buckle Bomb & was forced into shoulder surgery just a couple of days after winning the strap itself.
Fans across the world have been, dare i say, mourning the loss of the Irish superstar since that day & i have a feeling we’re not too far off seeing him back in the ring. Finn is scheduled to appear at the Roadblock pay-per view on December 18th, we don’t know what will happen at the event, will he wrestle or will he speak, either way, Finn will no doubt be placed back into the Main Event scene for a chance at the prize that he technically, never lost and rightly so, Finn is an incredible high-flying athlete, his Japanese based (strong) style has brought him millions of fans worldwide & he deserves nothing less, than to remain in the Main Event picture.
United States Championship – Curtis Axel
A name we’re not very familiar with when it comes to winning Championships is Curtis Axel & rightly so, the son of Mr Perfect has been banned from going over by the powers that be in Vince McMahon, but why? Curtis is a sterling wrestler, he’s not up there with the all time greats but what’s to say he can’t make it to that point?
curtis_axelNow i know that the Ax-Man has in fact won Titles previously but something’s not right, it’s not too long ago that Axel fans signs were banned in his home town, Vince & Creative will not allow this man to be anything more than he is now, nothing.
Curtis spent a good amount of time tagging with Ryback as part of a Paul Heyman stable in ‘Rybaxel’, which essentially got his name out there, he was then demoted to a comedic character, in which he would portray Hulk Hogan along with Damien Sandow as Macho Man, Randy Savage, from there he hasn’t grasped the heights that we all knows he can achieve after he was sentenced to a certain kayfabe death after tagging with The Social Outcasts.
I for one feel that Curtis Axel should be allowed to hone his craft, he’s the son of a Hall of Famer God damn it! Give the man at least a shot at the United States Championship, it gives current Champion, Roman Reigns a decent feud for the time being & it will help Axel in the long run, you may not see Roman as a guy that can help put talent over, but the way he sells sure as hell will help Curtis reach some form of stature in the company.
Giving him the belt isn’t a bad idea either, Roman is seemingly back in the Main Event picture after it was announced he will face Kevin Owens for the Universal Title at this year’s Roadblock event. The clearly, imperfect son of a Perfectionist needs a good run & he can certainly help build the United States Title, whilst building himself into a credible star, for me, he should be next.
RAW Womens Championship – Bayley
Bayley, the woman who well & truly resonates happiness, she’s been having quite the dull time on the Main Roster as of late & that could partly be down to her own wrong doings RAW Talk)  but failing that, maybe Vince McMahon isn’t feeling very huggish at this particular moment in time.
The Queen of Hugs is in need of something big, an opponent that screams Main Event, who better than Charlotte? We all know of the talent that these two Women possess & anything involving any members of the Four Horsewomen states WrestleMania worthy.
But in this present time, Bayley needs something to get her there, a feud that can rid her of the squash matches & push her into Vince’s thought process’ when it comes Mania season, Charlotte is the current Women’s Champion & i can’t think of a better feud for either woman.
RAW Tag Team Championships – Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows
I’m going to keep this one as short & sweet as possible, The Club, Gallows & Anderson, two men who absolutely tore up Japan yet are having a torrid time in the WWE. When will the humiliation end, i certainly can’t tell you that but it is about time they were taken seriously.bootofdoom
Machine Gun Karl Anderson, a man with incredible talent, known throughout the world of wrestling as one of the hard-nuts of the Bullet Club, has been reduced to nothing during his short tenure in the company, for the sake of his career things need to drastically change & quickly.
The Club made an impact on Monday Night RAW earlier this year, taking out The Uso’s when everybody least expected it, from what we first saw we all honestly thought that they had arrived, fit & ready to tear up the division, limb from limb but it’s been quite the opposite.
Forget the boring details, Vince need to pull his finger out, Gallows & Anderson NEED to tear there way through every Tag Team on the roster & do it convincingly, these men need to look as strong as possible so that we can all forget about the humiliation they’ve been subject to over recent times & if booked correctly, i see no reason as to why these two couldn’t go down as one of the biggest Teams in recent history, they’re the Bullet Club for God’s sake!
Cruiserweight Championship – Rich Swann
The Cruiserweight Classic, this Summer’s must watch TV showcased some of the best wrestling we’ve seen in the WWE for years & portrayed a lot of talent that we hadn’t seen before, that was the real beauty of it.cwc_usa_richswann-9bd1c202e65c3a858676b140017a1571
Rich Swann debuted on NXT not so long before the tournament began & in all honesty i really didn’t know what to think of him. His matches throughout the Summer proved to me that he is indeed one of the best Cruiserweight’s in the world.
A happy-go-lucky attitude, a man that can really bring a smile to someone’s face simply through that of his own & i honestly find myself dancing vigorously every time his music hits, seriously, ask my girlfriend.. but we’re not here to talk about that, Rich Swann has been dancing his way to victory since the Cruiserweight Division debuted on RAW, none more credible than two wins over current Cruiserweight Champion, The Brian Kendrick.
If logic is anything to go by then Swann has earned himself a title opportunity & with nobody else in the Division being able to say that they’ve conquered the Champ, the honour of #1 Contendership has to roll over to Rich Swann, can you handle that?

WWE World Championship – Bray Wyatt
The WWE World Championship is something that has eluded Bray Wyatt throughout his entire tenure in the company. Bray has fought many a battle & come out second best despite his ‘best’ efforts, but time’s certainly need to change.
When you look at Bray Wyatt, you instantly become scared, this is a man that has connections to a different universe, an outer being from what we are used to, he speaks in riddles & regularly converses with his dead sister, if he’s not stealing The Undertakers powers, he’s playing with people’s minds & forcing them to join his family of unknowns.tumblr_o3pd1bhzbg1s8dwjeo1_400
In my eyes, Bray is the most complete character we’ve seen enter the squared-circle in years, a man with intense power, certainly the gift of the gab & incredible wrestling ability, not to mention he has a whole family of cronies to back him up, who are arguably just as talented as he is, so why, in 2016 are we still seeing Bray Wyatt & his family, with no credible success to their name?
The Wyatt’s need to take charge of SmackDown & they need to do it fast, time is running out for Bray & it’s about time he got the chance to prove he is a heavy hitter at the head of the SmackDown division & he can stake his place at the top for the foreseeable future.
AJ Styles, RUN!…
Intercontinental Championship – Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin has been on an absolute tear since joining SmackDown LIVE, the self proclaimed bully has marked his territory in the Division & is ready for a shot at a major Title.
Recently, during episodes of SD Live, the company has been running vignettes for Corbin throughout ad-breaks & usually, when you put two & two together it means said talent is ready to be pushed.
Baron’s mic work may not yet be up to scratch, his in-ring work may need a little tweaking, but portraying the man in the way they have done has warranted a push, he’s done excellent work to fit the character he’s been placed into the boots of, which surprisingly, isn’t too much more than what he already is as a person.
endofdaysCorbin has already had his fair share of Intercontinental Title matches but he’s not yet ready for a World Title bout, we don’t want another Roman Reigns situation on our hands with another great talent, the IC Title is Baron’s level as of now, he can challenge all comers & stake his place at the top of the mid-card readying himself for World Title matches in the future.
If Dolph Ziggler doesn’t lose the Title to RAW at Survivor Series, expect Baron to be up there challenging for the strap.. & maybe even taking it!
SmackDown Womens Championship –  Alexa Bliss
I’m just going to start this off by saying that Alexa Bliss is the next big thing, believe me, it’s true.
Now i know what you’re thinking, Alexa Bliss is already the #1 Contender to the SmackDown Women’s Championship, yeah, you’re right, but hear me out.
We’ve all seen the feud between Charlotte & Sasha Banks unfold on RAW, a feud that has had no build at all when it comes to pay-per view battles, a feud that has been well & truly forced becky-lynch-alexa-bliss-wwe-smackdown-wwe-no-mercy-womens-title_3786748down our throats, Women’s Main Event this, Women’s Hell in a Cell that.. which is all well & good,, but these things need to be done properly, Alexa’s feud with Becky on SD Live has been carved to perfection.
Week after week i find myself tuning in to see what happens, SmackDown really do make the most of what they have & this feud has been incredibly free-flowing, just this week they Main Evented SmackDown & it felt right, simply because it wasn’t forced.
These two have Main Event written all over them, the current Champion, Becky Lynch is the most sought after Women’s Champion today & with good reason, she’s an incredible babyface figure, which goes hand in hand with Alexa’s heelish nature, this is a feud that doesn’t, or won’t ever seem as if it’s been dragged out too long, this is working, carry on the back & forth, carry on with the Main Events, give me more!
SmackDown Tag Team Championships –  The Uso’s
R028_sd_09132016ca_0508-26acb9afbec5a40dbcec5e8af6a44a75-0emember The Uso’s & their Samoan heritage face paint/ dance, the ‘Bloodline’ with Roman & their slowly declining fanbase, me neither, because they have completely reinvented themselves & it’s amazing!
The new look, heel Uso’s are doing nothing
short of tearing down the SmackDown Tag Division, so why wouldn’t they be worthy of a shot at Heath Slater & Rhyno?
They’ve had their chances before & they will surely come again but for now, i think the best competition for Beauty & The Man Beast has to be the well experienced twins & the next time they get a shot, which should be very soon, don’t think they won’t take those titles home with them!


NXT Championship – Bobby Roode
bobby_roode_bio-aae83ad8ecd3a5372f0b51c665b3dda9Shinsuke Nakamura is a hell of a talent, a man that has to make it to the Main Roster without a clean loss, now how do you do that? Have one of the biggest heels in the Division go up against him for the Title & win by any means necessary, that man is Bobby Roode.
IT goes without saying that Bobby Roode, is in fact Glorious, the man has is TNA’s version of Triple H, a real solid worker, a hell of a talent inside the ring & the man can certainly do a job on the mic!
When you look at the Division in NXT, as of now there’s no real Contender that can go head-to-head with Shinsuke & beat him without fans questioning the decisions or a real scumbag finish, other than Bobby Roode.
It’s only a couple of weeks until NXT TakeOver: Toronto, so when Joe & Shin’s feud is over, Bobby should take the spotlight & show people why he’s the next man to hold the NXT Championship!
NXT Womens Championship – Ember Moon
20160820_nxtbk2_embermoon-f2ef55d147828343546922b02c58bcd1The Womens Division in NXT was dealt an incredible blow when all of the Four Horsewomen were called up to the Main Roster, but it’s a developmental territory for a reason, new stars will be built, new divisions will grow & eventually a suitable candidate to be the next Champion will arise.
Despite Triple H, Matt Bloom & William Regal’sbest efforts to mould a suitable contender, these things take time & that challenger would have to be found elsewere.
Ember Moon was recently signed by NXT due to her astonishing work on the Independent Scene, a woman with charisma, an eye for the prize & incredible in-ring ability, who first made her mark at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, beating Billie Kay in incredible fashion.
The Women’s Division is very bleak down in NXT at this current time, but you can see more & more every week that the Division is gaining strength & will sooner rather than later hit the heights of what it once was.
For now though, Ember Moon is ready to go, Asuka needs a credible challenger after TakeOver & i can see the Twisting Stunner sending Asuka to the Main Roster in style.
NXT Tag Team Championships –  DIY
Two of the best wrestlers i’ve seen in my life, Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano lit up our screens this Summer during the Cruiserweight Classic & cemented themselves on the road to stardom.
Their efforts during the tournament first earned them a shot at The Revival’s NXT Tag Team Championships earlier this year at TakeOver: Brooklyn II & as we all know, it was nothing short of Match of the Year.garganociampawon_0
It won’t be too long until we see these two Indy stars grace the Main Roster with their presence but for now, a Golden strap or two is well in sight.
Gargano & Ciampa have been teased in recent weeks by The Revival, who are by far one of, if not the best Tag Team on the planet, but their time is surely coming to make tracks to the Main Roster, leaving one Tag Team in NXT the opportunity to run the Division in their absence, that team WILL be DIY.
Do It Yourself, a motto synonymous with the duo will come in handy when they face their arch rivals for the straps at NXT TakeOver: Toronto & i’m 100% certain they’ll be walking away in high spirits, a certain 5/5 match awaits, as do the belts.

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Author: Ollie Jackson


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