Top 20 Moves In The WWE Today

Professional wrestling is more than just holds and headlocks. Wrestling displays many great moves whether it be a finishing move, submission, dive, or anything else that makes us go “WOW!”. The guys at grplgme sat down and discussed what are the best moves in the WWE today and believe me it wasn’t easy at all. With that being said here are grplgme’s top 20 moves in the WWE today.

#20 – Orton DDT


As simple as a DDT may be, you can’t deny how cool Randy Orton’s rope hung DDT is. He hangs his opponent lifeless on the rope and just drives their head into the mat. It is a really cool signature move by one of the coolest wrestlers of all time.

 #19 – Boot Of Doom


It was hard to decide between this or the Magic Killer and ultimately, we chose this. The Boot Of Doom is just sweet. Luke Gallows holds the guy in a fireman’s carry and Karl Anderson runs full force, leaps with his boot in the air and connects right into the victims head. It is a sweet move for a “too sweet” duo.

#18 – Sister Abigail


This move is just absolutely beautiful. Bray Wyatt is without a doubt one of the best wrestlers in the WWE today and one of the reasons why is Sister Abigail. The way he sets up this move is not only creepy but fits him very well. He crawls towards his victim, holds them close, kisses them on the head, and spins and drives the life out of them. It is a move worthy of a championship. *cough cough*

#17 – Seth’s Falcon Arrow


There is a reason why Seth Rollins is one of the most talented wrestlers in WWE and it is because of moves like this. A regular Falcon Arrow is not usually impressive but the way Seth does it is just insane. The superplex from the top rope is one thing but then to roll back with your opponent and turn it into a Falcon Arrow is just ludicrous. Hats off to Seth for nailing this move every time he steps into the ring.

#16 – Gods Last Gift


In the words of Michael Cole, this is vintage Seth Rollins. Seth doesn’t use this move as much as he used to when he was known as Tyler Black but when he pulls it out and uses it, it is a sight to see. Seth gets his opponent in a suplex position, picks up the leg, and literally drives his opponents head into the mat while turning it into a pin. It is a very effective move that NEEDS to be used more often. Might I suggest as his new finisher?

#15 – Sling Blade


Could you imagine a double Sling Blade between Balor and Rollins? Is that even possible? Anyway this move is brilliant and looks really cool when executed perfectly. I mean just look at it. Finn runs towards his opponent, puts his arm around his neck, SPINS IN MIDAIR, and drives his opponent down headfirst with the other arm. It’s just a gorgeous move.

#14 – Kinshasa


A knee to the face by the King Of Strong Style just hurts thinking about it. The Kinshasa, or how Corey Graves would say it, the KINSHASAAAAAA is a simple move yet effective. The knee stroke to the face is a painful move especially when it is coming from Shinsuke Nakamura. I honestly don’t know what else to say about this move. It’s a knee strike from one of the best wrestlers in the world. What else can you ask for?

#13 – DIY Finisher


 I. Love. DIY. And I love this move. The knee strike/superkick combo is astonishing and just looks absolutely painful. Not much else can be said about this move except that is one of the best tag team finishers that I have ever witnessed and it is from one of the best tag teams I have ever seen so it is really special. DIY is going places.

#12 – End Of Days


I’m sorry but how can you not like this move? You literally hold your opponent in the air for about a second and rive them down on their face. It’s brutal. End Of Days is just one of those moves that looks amazing no matter how it is performed and Baron Corbin executes it perfectly. Say what you want about Corbin but he has a hell of a finisher.

#11 – Grand Amplitude


Jason Jordan literally throws the guy in the air and Chad Gable literally catches him and drops him in a pin. I don’t know what else to say except that this move is BEAUTIFUL. Same goes for American Alpha. Beautiful bastards.

#10  – RKO


You knew it had to be on here. The RKO is without a doubt the coolest looking move because it can literally be hit, excuse me, OUTTA NOWHERE! Orton executes this move perfectly and it is so iconic that there was a time in history when the move was a meme. That’s right. The RKO was an internet sensation. Enough said.

#9 – AJ Styles’ Springboard 450


Just look at it. Look at the athletic ability of AJ Styles. A normal 450 splash is already impressive but a springboard 450 is, well…PHENOMENAL. The execution and beauty of the move is unprecedented. This move shows why AJ Styles is the best in the world. Sorry Punk.

#8 – Pele Kick


I promise you this list isn’t all about AJ Styles but come on this kick is beautiful. The amount of concentration and athleticism this move requires is intense but Styles makes it look so damn easy. I’m sure Pele is proud of this.

#7 – Salida Del Sol


Just look at it. Just look at the spectacle known as Salida Del Sol. The way Kalisto is able to flip himself in midair and drive his opponent into the ground and into a pin is just amazing. Not much else can be said about this except the point of Kalisto not being in the Cruiserweight division. Seriously though how is he not in that division?

#6 – Shatter Machine

Shatter Machine.gif

 I will be the first to admit that I HATED The Revival just a few months ago but now, I am very convinced that they are the best tag team on the planet. The Revival are amazing and their finishing move is just…I have no words to describe this move. This team will go far and I cannot wait to see what is in store for them and this move.

#5 – Blue Thunder Bomb


Oh Sami. Poor sweet Sami. He deserves so much more especially with a gorgeous move like the Blue Thunder Bomb. To spin your opponent and bring them down hard in a sit out pin is simply astonishing. Sami is equipped with many great moves and has so much talent but still, he is getting beat down by Braun Strowman. Alright.

#4 – Lumbar Check


I want you to imagine being tossed in the air and being brought down on two hard knees. That is what Cedric Alexander does every single night with the Lumbar Check. The move is painful just looking at it and it is just simply beautiful when executed. I love this move and I love Cedric Alexander.

#3 – Charlotte’s Moonsault


You can say what you want about Charlotte but her athletic ability is undeniable. She is without a doubt the best female wrestler in WWE today (come at me Sasha smarks) and her signature top rope moonsault proves that. It is a stunning move and just a thing of nature especially that corkscrew moonsault she performed not too long ago. That was beautiful.

#2 – Red Arrow


Much like Sami Zayn, Neville is another guy who deserves so much more than what he is given. Without a doubt Neville is one of the most talented guys on the roster and the Red Arrow shows that. The fact that Neville can twist himself in midair and turn it into a splash is incredible. I am a huge fan of the move and the man performing it. Give Neville a chance.

Honorable Mentions:

Phenomenal Forearm


Like I said. The athletic ability of AJ Styles is unprecedented. A pele kick is one thing but a springboard flying forearm? That’s phenomenal.



Finn literally lifts his opponent up with ease and drops him on his head. What’s not to like?

#1 – Ring Post DDT


It had to be. It just had to be. This move is just…amazing. To fly through the middle of the ring post and bring your opponent down in a DDT is just remarkable and it just another reason why Sami Zayn needs to be given an opportunity. I am a huge fan of this move and and I am a huge fan of Sami Zayn. Look at this move and tell me that it doesn’t make you go “HOLY SH*T!”. This move is our number 1 move in the WWE today and it isn’t hard to tell why.

Do you agree with out list? Tell us your number 1 move in WWE and give us ideas for more lists you’d want to see!

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Author: Caden Moran


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