It’s Time For The Club To Go Back To Japan

When you hear the name, Bullet Club, you instantly think of a group of bad asses who own the wrestling world. Now when you hear the name, The Club, you think of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and to put in nicely, the two biggest jokes in the wrestling world. Gallows and Anderson are without a doubt two of the most highly decorated wrestlers in Japan as they owned the tag team division for years before heading to the WWE. Gallows and Anderson used to be part of Bullet Club and were two vicious bad asses who just loved kicking ass and winning matches but now, it just isn’t the same. As much as I love The Club, it just hasn’t worked out in the big leagues, but why? Why is one of the most decorated tag teams in the world on the wrong end of this article? Why are Gallows and Anderson not taken serious anymore? And why do Gallows and Anderson need to cut their losses and go back to Japan? Here’s why.

Their Debut Was Nothing Special


Gallows and Anderson attacking one of The Usos in their lackluster debut

Let me take you back to the other member of The Club, AJ Styles’ WWE debut. It was the Royal Rumble earlier this year and Roman Reigns just eliminated Rusev. As the clock came down to :00, new music began playing and then, one of the loudest reactions of all time. AJ Styles made his debut after weeks of speculation and came out to one of the loudest pops in recent memory and still gets those kinds of reactions to this day. So what about his partners, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson? Months after Styles made his debut, his former Bullet Club members made their debut by attacking……..The Usos. A dominant and vicious team made of Gallows and Anderson could have done ANYTHING to make their debut. They could have helped AJ Styles leading up to WrestleMania, they could have turned on Styles to cost him the WWE World Championship, and they could have even debuted in NXT to align with Finn Balor, but no. Luke and Karl had to attack a then very boring tag team that no one cared about at that point only because they were Roman Reigns’ cousins. I mean sure, they did get a reaction and got some Bullet Club chants out of it but there was nothing special about their debut to make me and other fans go “HOLY SH*T!”. I love Gallows and Anderson and I was excited to see them in the WWE but this is just not how I would have had them debut. This debut was poor, stale, and felt rushed and it has hurt them to this day. However, I did believe that the debut would lead to big things for these two and they would be as dominant in the WWE as they were in Japan right off the bat but as we all know, I was wrong. The debut was the first sign of a terrible road for The Club.

The Damage Of The Booking


Karl Anderson taking the Big Ending from Big E symbolic of The Club’s booking

Dominant. Ruthless. Vicious. Winners. That is who Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were in Japan but now, all they are are weak, joke losers. That’s how it has been sinc they first debuted and getting involved in the Styles vs Reigns feud. They were constantly made to look like fools against the strong Roman Reigns. I mean sure they did win the feud against The Usos but at what cost? Throughout the entire feud they were cleared out of the ring, beaten, and looked very weak during the feud with the “bloodline”. Once they ended the feud with The Usos, I truly did believe that The Club would move on to being the dominant team that so many knew they could be and for a brief period, they were. After the entire Club moved on from their feuds, AJ Styles turned his attention to John Cena in one of the most shocking moments I’ve ever seen when Styles turned heel and brutally beat down John Cena with Gallows and Anderson helping him. For the first time since their debut, Gallows and Anderson looked like the guys they were in Japan and I was happy. The Club were finally the brutal and ruthless team they were made to be. But it didn’t last long.



The Club standing tall over John Cena after the Japan-eque beat down

Over the next few weeks, The Club acted like they were back in Japan. They brutally beat down John Cena week after week and beginning the term, “BEAT UP JOHN CENA!”. It was an amazing rivalry with great battles, great promos, and it was just simply “too sweet” to see Gallows and Anderson back in their element. I was really convinced that Gallows and Anderson were finally being treated how they should be treated and I thought there was no way they could be looked at like jokes again after the Magic Killer performed on Cena on the entrance ramp but come Battleground, I was wrong. The six man tag team match between The Club vs John Cena, Enzo and Cass was meant for one reason and one reason only: to build up the feud between Styles and Cena. This match had nothing to do with Gallows and Anderson being built up and it only solidified them as the backseat to the Styles train. Now do not get me wrong I love AJ Styles and Styles is a natural born leader but when you really look at it in depth, all Gallows and Anderson did was help Styles instead of helping themselves which leads me to my next point…

Taking A Backseat To AJ Styles


Gallows and Anderson standing behind AJ Styles symbolic to their role with Styles

Look I know what some of you are thinking. “Gallows and Anderson still took a backseat to Styles in Japan so what makes this different?”. Look, it’s safe to say the spotlight had always been on AJ Styles when The Club were together and I can understand why but when you have a fantastic group formed but you only put one man in the spotlight, that’s a problem. But what was different in Japan? They all had equal share of success. Every member of Bullet Club shared the spotlight with one another whether they were important or not. AJ Styles even told Chris Jericho on “Talk Is Jericho” that he wasn’t going to take the spotlight away from the other members because he believed in equal success and that’s exactly what he did. Gallows and Anderson were IWGP Tag Team Champions while doing their own thing for the club while Styles was doing his own thing as IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Now flash forward to The Club. From the moment Gallows and Anderson debuted they took the backseat to Styles. Styles was going after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and all Gallows and Anderson did was take the beating from Roman Reigns and The Usos while Styles stood back. Now I understand that I can’t blame any of these men for that but it made Gallows and Anderson look ridiculous being Styles’ weak shield. And if you don’t believe me when I say they took a backseat to Styles, who is the WWE World Champion and who lost two straight WWE Tag Team Championship matches? Point made.

I understand that I can’t blame Gallows and Anderson for being made to look like jokes but the fact that they have had to play the roles of doctors and retirement home enthusiast is utterly mind blowing. Maybe the tide will change after getting the win against Enzo and Cass at Hell In A Cell (even though Gallows lost the next night on RAW to Enzo in a terrible Halloween gimmick match that would never happen anywhere else especially Japan) but I have zero confidence in Gallows and Anderson being the dominant team they once were.

The damage has been done to The Club and there is very little chance that the damage can be repaired except if they can have the courage to do one thing. Swallow their pride, pack their bags, and go back to Japan to become who they once were. The dominant enforcers that represented one thing: Bullet Club.

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Author: Caden Moran



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