Monday Night RAW Hits New Low

If I were to tell you that after the brand split and the draft and with all the amazing talent going to RAW that it would be a terrible show, would you believe me? Well, you should now. Monday Night Raw has always been the “A show” and it was supposed to stay that way after the draft with the talent and amount of endless story lines that could please the WWE Universe but instead, we get an arm wrestling match with Bayley and Dana Brooke. Women’s evolution. Right.

Look I know you’re probably asking, “if Raw is so bad then why do you watch it?” Well the main reason is due to the fact that I have to talk about it on our podcast but I’m also loyal but after this past Monday, I may have lost all loyalty to the red brand. Look the show started off great with the GOAT Chris Jericho but the rest, well, you know how it goes. The highlights of RAW are always the opening segment, and the main event but there is a whole middle of the show that could be used to feature the Cruiserweights and guys like Sami Zayn and Neville but you know what we get? We get the damn Shining Stars vs The Golden Truth. Do you understand how frustrating this is as a fan?


And on top of all the useless matches in the middle of the show, what about the booking? What can be said about the terrible booking week after week after week after week….you know what I mean. The booking makes ZERO sense and if you don’t believe me just look at The Club. These guys need to be dominating and destroying everybody like they did in Japan but here they are losing to a Muppet in pink overalls. I am so sick of seeing The Club lose week after week and if they don’t win this Sunday at Hell In A Cell, I may officially be done with RAW. I just don’t understand how hard it is to give the deserving people a win you know what I mean? The booking on Monday Night RAW is at it’s worse and it’s just going to keep getting worse.


You know RAW is bad when Paul Heyman gets cut off. Paul Heyman, the master of the microphone, got cut off during his promo with Brock Lesnar in the worst segment I’ve seen in a LONG time from these two. It was a terrible from the get go to portray Brock as the ultimate heel….IN HIS HOMETOWN.Who’s brilliant idea was that? Look I get it, Brock is the heel and Goldberg is the babyface but you can’t honestly expect the people of Minnesota top boo Brock, can you? The fans seriosuly screwed everything up when they started chanting “SUPLEX CITY!” and “GOLDBERG SUCKS!” because for the first time ever, Paul Heyman had no idea what to do or say and it was reportted that Vince McMahon was “fuming” during the segment and ordered it to be cut off, and for the first time in a while, I agree with the man. This segment summed up RAW with just two words: wrong decisions.

. Maybe it’s not too late for RAW to save itself from sinking into the abyss but considering we’ve been saying that since the brand split, I think it’s too late.

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Author: Caden Moran


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