SAnitY: What You Need To Know About The Next Big Stable

Ever since NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, SAnitY had been teased and introduced but the big question was, who or what was SAnitY? Well that question was answered this past Wednesday on NXT when the group known as SAnitY made their debut in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic against Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger. SAnitY had been unleashed with an epic entrance, theme song, gimmick, and attire. Everything about SAnitY’s first five seconds in NXT screamed “NEXT BIG THING”, and that’s exactly what they are. But who exactly is SAnitY? Who are Alexander Wolfe, Sawyer Fulton, Nikki Cross, and Eric Young? They are the next big stable. This is SAnitY.

Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton6abu4qw

The two men who actually competed on NXT this past week are known as Sawyer Fulton (left) and Alexander Wolfe (right) and even before SAnitY, they had a short history as a tag team in NXT. Alexander Wolfe was born in Dresden, Saxony, East Germany and wrestled extensively on the independent scene in Germany and the rest of Europe. Wolfe wrestled for many promotions in Europe such as German Stampede Wrestling and the German Wrestling Federation. Wolfe won his first world title in 2012 when he defeated El Generico, who we know today as Sami Zayn, to win the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship. In 2015, Wolfe was signed to NXT as part of the ten international recruits that were signed. He would later make his television debut on July 15th, 2015 where he was defeated by Samoa Joe but it was earlier this year where he started teaming up with the next member of SAnitY, Sawyer Fulton. Fulton was born in Toledo, Ohio and quickly grew into wrestling. Fulton attended Ashland University and is a former two time NCAA All-American amateur wrestler. Fulton made his professional wrestling debut in Mid-Ohio Wrestling and went on to challenge for various titles and later won the Mid-Ohio Tag Team Titles with Cyrus Poe. Sawyer signed with NXT in 2012 and became an “enhancement” talent for the next three years losing to teams like The Wyatt Family, The Hype Bros, The Vaudevillians, and many more. Fulton would begin teaming up with Alexander Wolfe earlier this year and would team up at live events, but losing. Fulton and Wolfe are the two “hounds” of SAnitY. They will do whatever they must to win and they look dominant and aggressive doing it.

Nikki Crossnikki-cross 

Yes. That is the same Nikki Cross that is now in SAnitY. Except is was just a couple of months ago where Cross was teaming up with Carmella on television as a happy, cheerful babyface like she has been her whole career. So who is Nikki Cross? Cross was born in Glasgow, Scotland and has wrestled for many independent promotions such as Pro-Wrestling: EVE, where she held the Pro-Wrestling: EVE Championship three times, Global Force Wrestling (GFW), Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), World Wide Wrestling League (W3L), Queens of Combat, and World Xtreme Wrestling. Cross had even taken part in TNA ImpactI Wrestling’s British Boot Camp in 2014 but failed to win. Cross then had a WWE tryout in late 2015 and was announced as one of the signings to NXT. She made her debut alongside Carmella and Liv Morgan to take on Alexa Bliss, Daria Berenato, and Mandy Rose and came away the winner. We didn’t see cross after that until Wednesday when she got rid of the cheerful attitude and became the badass woman that is now part of SAnitY.

Eric Youngeric_young3-750x400

If you do not know who Eric Young is I just have one question. How? Eric Young is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and decorated wrestlers out there. Born in Florence, Ontario, Canada, Young made his name in TNA. Known as a “TNA original”, Young is a one time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, a one time X-Division Champion, a three time Television Champion, and a four time Tag Team champion. The guy was even one half of the Knockouts Tag Team champions. Eric Young is a hell of a talent and I don’t really think I need to give more information on why Eric Young is the perfect guy to lead SAnitY. Eric Young needed something in NXT after losing to Samoa Joe in a one off match and being the leader of a crazy and lunatic like stable is a tremendous idea. Young has all the tools to be a world champion in the WWE and I have no doubt that with SAnitY watching his back, he will run WWE one day.

SAnitY is a great looking stable and there hasn’t been one like it since The Shield so believe me, SAnitY will take over the WWE one day. They will have all the gold one day because they’re that damn good and intriguing. With Eric Young leading the three young talents of Nikki Cross, Alexander Wolfe, and Sawyer Fulton, the sky is the limit for SAnitY.

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Author: Caden Moran


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