Why Are Enzo & Cass Not Being Pushed Anymore?

It looked as if the WWE had big plans for Enzo & Cass when they were first called up to the Main Roster, which they did, plans just changed a little over time.

Recently we haven’t seen much of Enzo & Cass on our screens & they haven’t been involved in any big storylines in the Tag Division.

It appears the WWE are holding off on the push of the New Yorkers as they have bigger plans for the duo as of next year, mainly around WrestleMania season with the idea that they will challenge for the Tag Titles at the show of all shows & more than likely walk away the Champs.

So it looks as if we won’t see anything of Enzo & Cass in the next couple of months but rest assured, they will get what they came for next year.


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