No Mercy: An Underwhelming Success

This past Sunday, the second Smackdown LIVE exclusive Pay-Per View, No Mercy, took place and the hype was real for the event. With a good looking card and high stakes, it was sure to excite and impress and it did, but not enough.

Smackdown LIVE has undoubtedly been the “A show” since the brand split and Backlash proved that. So why was No Mercy so different? With matches like Styles v Ambrose v Cena and Ziggler v Miz, how could the event be so underwhelming but yet a success? We here at Grplgme have the answers as to why No Mercy was entertaining but at the same time, was a very underwhelming show.

Card Ordermaxresdefault-1

Right off the bat this was the most confusing thing. Why was the triple threat match for the biggest prize in wrestling kicking off the show? The speculation is that WWE wanted to get the biggest match out of the way first before the second presidential debate but it still left many, myself included, wanting to know why a clown show prevented one of the most hyped triple threats in history from being the main event. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised right? Vince McMahon is known for giving in to save himself instead of satisfying the fans but there was a plus: the match itself. As much as I wanted this to be the main event, the match was, and dare I say, phenomenal. The storytelling between Styles and Cena continued when Styles pinned Cena after a chair shot, which I still find hilarious, to retain the WWE World Championship. All three men put on a hell of a match and deserve all the credit in the world, but still, I don’t truly understand why it wasn’t the main event and a match like Orton v Wyatt was. Speaking of which….

Bray vs Randyrandy-orton-bray-wyatt-no-mercy-645x365

Look we all love Bray but this match was not main event worthy. This was the most baffling choice for the main event since the World title match went on first and if any other match was the main event, it should have been the epic Intercontinental Championship match (which I’ll get to later), but no, we got Bray Wyatt vs the aging and grey, Randy Orton. However, much like the triple threat World title match, this match did have a positive in the end, Bray Wyatt won. For the first time in a LONG time, Bray Wyatt has won at a Pay-Per View, and in the main event of all things. The match itself was no so good and was definitely not main event worthy as I stated earlier but I do think the reason this was the main event had to do with one of the few positives, Luke Harper. After months on the sideline, Luke Harper made a shocking return to help Bray defeat his foe but at what costs? Look I don’t want to be negative but Bray needs to be winning matches on his own and needs to distance himself from The Wyatt Family and Luke should be doing the same. But hey, Bray got a win and that’s all that matters right?

Career vs Titlewwe-no-mercy-results-2016-dolph-ziggler-defeats-miz

This match… I predicted emotion and we got it however it wasn’t in the way I expected. I really did expect Dolph ZIggler to lose this match and walk out of the WWE but I was shocked. Dolph beat The MIz to become the new Intercontinental Champion and hold on to his career. This match had everything, emotion, high paced action, story telling, and a crowd that was really invested in the match. I can’t even begin to express how amazing the pop was when Dolph pinned The MIz but it was just simply incredible. But, there was a negative to Dolph winning and that is The Miz actually losing the title. The Miz made the Intercontinental Championship mean something again and he did a hell of a job in the 180 plus days he held the belt. I salute The Miz for his work in bringing prestige back to the belt and for helping himself in becoming respected and appreciated by the fans. This match should have been the main event and it was without a doubt, match of the night and I can’t wait to see where the next match between the two goes. Thank you Dolph and thank you Miz.

No Mercy also featured the debut of Curt Hawkins!…..on the pre show… a 5 minute promo……that was terrible… announce he would be on Smackdown……which he wasn’t……thanks Curt.

No Mercy didn’t live up to all the hype but it was still a good show and ten times better than the distater that was Clash Of Champions (I’m still triggered) and set the tone for the future of the brand. Smackdown is in a good position but they need to deliver, and at No Mercy they delivered, but not enough.

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Author: Caden Moran


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