Will Tyson Kidd Ever Be Able To Wrestle Again?

Tyson Kidd came out of the woodwork last week to reveal on his Twitter that he is still unable to feel his head/ neck after his c1-c2 spinal fusion surgery on June 24th.

Kidd suffered a broken neck in a dark match late last year against Samoa Joe, the injury came after he took a nasty bump from a MuscleBuster.

Kidd was initially expected to make a return after surgery but things don’t seem right for him at the moment. Bruce Hart has been very vocal in saying that Tyson will never be able to wrestle again & that’s the real consensus between everyone that’s close to the situation.

It’s being said that the situation backstage the night of the injury was a lot worse than people ever let on, people were ‘scared to death’ over the incident.

There was a rumor going around not too long ago that Kidd’s contract was set to expire & WWE would not renew as they felt the doctor’s would never medically clear him to compete in-ring ever again.

People close to Tyson expected him to make an announcement on his in-ring future/ health as soon as he was able to. MLWRadio reported last month that the contract rumors were never true as he had his contract extended earlier this year.

Someone close to Tyson & his family has reportedly said that we will be hearing more from Tyson himself in the near future in regards to the matter & hopefully get some clarity on the situation.



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