Breaking News On The Status Of TNA Wrestling

Ladies and Gentlemen. Since coming aboard Grplgme I have never written news as big as this.

TNA Impact Wrestling is officially dead. After weeks of rumors and speculation we here at Grplgme can confirm that Billy Corgan will become the new majority owner of the company which means TNA is no more. Corgan has already stated that he will change the name of the company and completely rebrand it if he ever became the owner and now that he is, serious changes are coming. But that’s not all.

There were tons of rumors about the WWE buying TNA over the past couple of weeks and it looks as if they will have some part in TNA. Many sources have confirmed that the WWE has agreed to gain access to the TNA video library which means the people who have the WWE Network will soon be able to watch past TNA content.

TNA has been a sinking ship and now that they will have a new owner and a total re brand, they have a real opportunity to become a great company again. And with the news of WWE buying the library, maybe one day we can see a WWE vs TNA war. Just maybe.

Expect the announcements from both companies very soon.

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Author: Caden Moran


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