Update On When Seth Rollins Will Face Triple H, Kevin Owens’ Next Opponent

As the WWE Universe is looking forward to the inevitable Seth Rollins vs Triple H match, the question is when and where will it take place? A lot of people feel it should take place at WrestleMania 33 because it has such a big fight feel but that might not be the case. The rumors going around is that Seth will face his former mentor at Survivor Series in November. We still have not seen Triple H since he turned on Seth just weeks ago and the reason for that is WWE want to wait for Triple H to return during a more important show such as the next RAW Pay Per View, Hell In A Cell. The rumor is Triple H will have some impact during the potential Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins match and will help set up their inevitable match at Survivor Series. 

And speaking of Kevin Owens, their are many rumors flying around that his next challenger for the WWE Universal Championship will be none other than Chris Jericho. Chris was rumored to be leaving the WWE after Hell In A Cell but it looks as if that might not be the case anymore as he is scheduled for an event in December. Chris and Kevin have been “best friends” and a team for a couple of months so having them go one on one for the title makes a lot of sense and not to mention, it’s money.Survivor Series takes place in Toronto, Canada in October and both Owens and Jericho are canadian so having those two face off in their home country for the biggest title on WWE (kind of) makes tons of sense.

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Author: Caden Moran



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