Possible Reason Why The Club Didn’t Win The Tag Team Titles

After The New Day broke Brian Kendrick and Paul London’s record Tag Team title reign, many expected them to drop the titles soon after that. Many expected The Club to take the titles away at Clash Of Champions this past Sunday but that is not what happened as The New Day retained by using the trombone to help secure the victory. There was then speculation that they only won to have a title reign of 400 days as they would then again face The Club the next night on RAW where many expected (myself included), The New Day to drop the titles but once again, they retained (I still want to cry).

The speculation is that The New Day are still the Tag Team Champions due to the reason that WWE officials want The New Day to break Demolition’s tag title reign of 478 days. And if that is the case then The New Day won’t be dropping the titles until later this year or next year in 2017.

I for one am sick of The New Day and the fact that The Club has lost two straight title matches that they should have won makes no sense to me. The New Day already broke Kendrick and London’s reign so why keep going when it’s obvious a majority of the fans want new champions? We will see what happens in the next coming weeks as to who The New Day faces next and whether or not they will actaually break Demoltion’s record of 478 days.


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Author: Caden Moran


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