Paul Heyman Getting Creative Role?

As I woke up this morning after possibly one of THE worst Raw episodes i’ve seen in my life I got some great news.

Now we don’t know for sure if this is real or not just yet but rest assured we’ll bring you all the possible updates available on this story.

Per Daily Wrestling News, Paul Heyman has been offered a backstage role within of the creative teams, we’re not too sure which one but i’m going to hazard a guess as to it being RAW but this really good my blood pumping.

Heyman was the founding father of the ‘new’ SmackDown brand in the early 2000’s after the first talent draft occured & boy did he do a good job.

The show was modelled around a young Brock Lesnar, which seemingly put him on the map, storylines were sleeker than ever before & people had a real reason to watch a wrestling show.

I’m a huge Paul Heyman guy myself, the man is one of a kind, a real architect in the wrestling world & should he be offered a creative role on either brand, if not both, be sure that ratings will rise & things will be done right!

The thought process by Vince going into this, is that he’s very open to the idea of having a real wrestling figure behind storylines after hiring so many ‘Hollywood’ writers over the past few years.

Let’s hope Vince doesn’t see Paul as competition, again.. & the storylines thrive off a Heyman input!


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