Why Clash Of Champions Was The Worst PPV Of 2016 So Far

Right off the bat if you don’t like negative opinions then you might as well log off right now because I AM PISSED. The Clash Of Champions Pay-Per view was supposed to be great. With a good looking card and some phenomenal talent, you would think the event would finally help RAW become more entertaining and watchable. Man I could’ve not been any more wrong. I sat here and I wrote all my predictions and I won’t even tell you my record. Terrible booking and sloppy matches had Smackdown LIVE winning once again as Clash Of Champions was and is the worst Pay-Per View of 2016 so far.

Poor Booking


The booking of this event left me without words. It all started with the first match of the night where The New Day defeated The Club for the Tag Team titles in a match that had me wanting to go watch football. The Club utterly destroyed The New Day and the fact that The New Day only won because they were one day off from 400 is ridiculous. Maybe they will win them tonight on RAW but it should’ve been The Clubs night last night Then we had the 7th match in the best of seven series that would have been a total Match Of The Year contender if it had a clean finish. Look I’m not going to be too tough on the match between Sheamus and Cesaro because if someone was legitimately hurt (which is probably the case considering the suicide dive that almost killed Cesaro), then I understand why the match was called off. But the thing is, THEY WANTED TO CONTINUE! hurt or not, both men wanted to fight on and the ref just wouldn’t allow it. It’s a shame considering it was the only match of the whole night that the crowd was into. Then there was just the god awful, terribly overbooked main event which saw…you know what? No. The main event is getting it’s own section because I AM PISSED.

The Women


I sat here and wrote an entire article dedicated to the women. I wrote about how they would steal the show and it would set the pieces for the future but that was not the case. Look all three women were spectacular but something just didn’t feel right.I’m not sure if it was the fact that Dana Brooke caused tons of interference or if it was just sloppy. Either way, I was left underwhelmed and I know I’m not the only one. hopefully we will see the Sasha Banks heel turn that I’ve been CRAVING FOR SO LONG tonight on RAW but considering how last night went, it won’t happen. And I don’t know what it is but something about Bayley being in the match annoyed me. I feel like she ruined the match and it should’ve just been Sasha vs Charlotte. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

The Main Event245_champ_09252016hm_1211-6e010ca9b9ff3ac4da4135c7a205489d

Just like the women, I sat here and wrote the longest article of my life detailing Kevin Owens’ and Seth Rollins’ careers to hype up their match for the Universal Championship. I expected a stellar match and I got a good match. These men were really good together but it all comes back to the poor booking that ruins the match. On top of Seth Rollins getting injured (don’t talk to me about it), the amount of shenanigans that happened towards the end of the match was ridiculous. Chris Jericho would come out to distract Rollins, the ref would be knocked out for the rest of the match, Jericho would help take out Rollins, and the replacement ref took ten years to get out to the ring and by that time, the damage had been done as Kevin Owens walked out with the gold to close the show with many fans throwing their phones on the ground and breaking their TV’s. It was a terribly overbooked main event which should’ve had both men fighting for their pride and lives. If there was going to be any interference then it should have been the one who caused all this, Triple H. Speaking of which, WHERE THE HELL WAS HE?

Look I’m not taking anything away from the wrestlers but I am taking everything away from the creative team and the booking because it was just terrible. I’m hoping RAW will help clarify the event and the future of Rollins and Owens and the women and maybe, just maybe, The CLub can win the Tag Team titles tonight but considering that Vince loves The New Day (surprisingly), they won’t be winning anytime soon. But hey, at least Roman is the United States Champion.

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Author: Caden Moran


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