TNA Strike Gold With Signing Of Cody Rhodes


TNA Impact Wrestling has seemed to be a sinking ship just barely getting by with their last breath. However it seems that they have finally figured out a formula to become a watchable and entertaining company once again. 2016 has been a great year for TNA as they have managed to pull off the most strange but creative aspects of wrestling. Example? Broken Matt Hardy. This man has saved TNA as he is the best thing about wrestling. When TNA invented the Broken Matt Hardy character I was annoyed at what Matt had become but I soon realized that it has saved TNA from finally sinking to the bottom of the ocean. And if you don’t like Broken Matt Hardy then I will DELETE you. I had to. Anyway. The other reason TNA has managed to survive is they have managed to sign some of the best talents to their roster such as Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, Ethan Carter III, Moose, and the most recent, Damien Sandow AKA Aron Rex. Now TNA have struck gold once again as they have announced the signing of Cody Rhodes.


Cody Rhodes as Intercontinental Champion in WWE.

Cody Rhodes was undoubtedly the most underrated talent WWE had and that is saying something since he is the son of the late, great Dusty Rhodes. Cody did have a solid run with the Intercontinental Championship and did go on to form teams with Drew Galloway and Damien Sandow. See the trend here? WWE have a tendency to let go of the wrong guys and that has allowed TNA to scoop them up and make them the starts they were born to be. Cody Rhodes will be a champion in TNA. But the question is what is planned for his debut? He will debut at TNA’s WrestleMania, Bound For Glory, and will have some sort of impact on the event. My guess is he will get involved in the Grand Slam championship match between Drew Galloway and Aron Rex, both whom are Cody’s former tag team partners in WWE.



Cody Rhodes with Damien Sandow (Aron Rex) in the WWE as Team Rhodes Scholars.

Imagine having the top three wasted WWE Talents in the same ring in the company WWE refuses to acknowledge. You could have such a great story line between those three men  trying to fight to prove who is the best. Cody Rhodes’ impact on TNA is going to be huge and when he finally arrives in that sweet corvette with his smokin’ hot wife, he will run TNA wrestling. Cody Rhodes is in my opinion the most wasted talent in WWE history. The guy was born to be a wrestler and when it finally looked like he was going to get a major push, they give him the star dude gimmick. And THAT is something that TNA will never do to true talent. Cody Rhodes has world champion written all over him and in the next couple of months, watch out for Cody Rhodes to take over the wrestling world.


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Author: Caden Moran


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