WWE Clash Of Champions Predictions

This Sunday is the first RAW exclusive Pay-Per View since the brand split. And the card honestly looks great considering how poor RAW has been. With matches like Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins, Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley, and Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho, it is hard to see how WWE can ruin this event (but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if they did). So with that being said I give to you my 2016 Clash Of Champions predictions


Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho20180902_coc_zaynjericho-146708d3dbba7fbcd6d7af3ae49f04df

I think it is safe to say that Sami Zayn NEEDS this win. But he won’t get it. Look I love Sami Zayn but the rumor is Vince does not (which doesn’t surprise me). Everything about Sami Zayn says future champion and ever since he got that huge win in my personal Match Of The Year against Kevin Owens at Battleground, Sami has been the biggest and most directionless guy on the roster. And then there is Chris Jericho. The Greatest Of All Time is having the best run of his career in my opinion and he has managed to completely reinvent his character since returning and has put on some phenomenal matches with AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, The New Day, and many others. Does it make sense for Chris to get the win over Zayn? No. But Chris is so over and hot right now while Zayn is so directionless that Chris will get the win.

TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick20180919_coc_perkinsbrian-dedc244ee870f1c61a079cac146b2a9a

This match is going to be so close and entertaining that I don’t care who walks out champion. The Cruiserweights have lit up WWE and when four of them debuted on RAW, Brian Kendrick came out on top to become the number one contender for the new Cruiserweight Championship. Brian Kendrick has always been a very underrated and entertaining guy to watch. He has it all such as ring work, gimmick, mic work, and can pull off anything you throw at him. Then there is TJ Perkins. Man I love this guy. He went from portraying Suicide in TNA (then renamed to Manik) to becoming one of the hottest wrestlers in the world. He stunned the wrestling world when he defeated Kota Ibushi in one of the greatest matches I’ve ever witnessed and then Gran Metalik to win the CWC and become the Cruiserweight Champion. So who walks out with the strap? I would love to see Kendrick be on top of the mountain but TJ has all the momentum that he will walk out COC the Cruiserweight Champion.

Cesaro vs Sheamus20180913_coc_cesarosheamus-79601d9f61e6d7111c2030b00e0b0a08

Sound the alarms because it is Cesaro’s time to shine. This best of seven series has been entertaining but so obvious and predictable. Sheamus quickly went up 3 matches to Cesaro’s 0 and then Cesaro turned it all around and won 3 straight to set up match 7 with winner take all for a future title opportunity. Cesaro will easily win this match and it should be very good as you have two of the hardest working guys in the company. And when Cesaro wins the question is, what title should he go after? Well how about a certain someone’s soon to be newly won United States Championship who he had a stare down with just a couple of months ago?…

Rusev vs Roman Reigns20180913_coc_rusevroman-22f74e746db087b79367d4f288a989ce

Remember the stare down? When Cesaro stared down Roman Reigns a few weeks before SummerSlam? Well here we are. Roman Reigns will walk out COC the new United States Champion because it just makes sense. I’m not taking anything away from Rusev because Rusev has been a great champion but it’s time for him to move to bigger things while this is the perfect time for Roman to reach the top of the mid-card mountain. Now I understand that everyone HATES Roman Reigns (not me) but here me out when I tell you him winning this match and Cesaro winning his sets up a Roman heel turn. Picture this. Roman Reigns beats Rusev to become the champion and the next night on RAW Cesaro confronts him and declares he is coming for Roman. The fans already want Cesaro to be in a championship picture and this it the perfect opportunity. The fans will be behind Cesaro while booing Roman to death, so what do you do? Turn him heel. Have him brutalize the fan favorite turning heel finally. That will set up a great rivalry and finally have both men in their true positions.

The New Day vs The Club20180902_coc_newdayandersongallows-157a5c729e81e7b797cfc574076ecdae

Oh dear….this rivalry. I’ve stated my feelings on both teams already but i will say it again. The New Day is stale and boring and The Club are TERRIBLE. The Club needs to be beating people up instead of portraying doctors.The New Day’s time is up and it’s time for new WWE Tag Team Champions. The Club will walk out the new champions and hopefully they will put this feud behind them and go on to kick everybody’s ass and hold on to the titles until a certain demon returns from a shoulder injury. Then what happens to The New Day? Well you have three talented guys who can easily make it on their own but that shouldn’t happen….entirely. Big E has the brightest future of the 3 without a doubt. Big E was a great heel when he debuted and was also a pretty good babyface. So what do you do? Turn him against The New Day, turning heel and going on a rampage as a singles guy because Big E has future world champion written all over him. As for Kofi and Xavier? Keep them together because they work well together.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Charlotte20180913_coc_charlottebayleysasha-1e77d23d12390fa3c1c598dee6708731

I wrote an article yesterday about this match and how it will steal the show. I stand by that opinion because this match is so crucial for the future of the women’s division. All three women are absolutely deserving of walking out the champion but one option makes more sense than the others and that is Bayley. Now before people yell at me and ask if I’m serious (I am), Bayley winning the title sets up the inevitable rivalry with Sasha Banks. If Bayley walks out champion (which she will), the emotions are going to be so high that there will be crying, hugs, and some fireworks for the new champion who has worked her ass off to get to the main roster. Bayley will be celebrating with the fans, her family, and Sasha who will be seemingly happy for her and give her a hug, congratulate her, and then….the turn. Have Sasha embrace the dark side once again and have her just straight up brutalize Bayley for stealing her moment and being more popular. This will stun the arena and fans everywhere and will lead to the match we all want at WrestleMania 33. Bayley vs Sasha Banks for the Womens Championship in the MAIN EVENT. Yeah. That’s right. Come at me Meninist.

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins20180902_coc_owensrollins-c8d155c4385be604d1ddfaeffa865966

The Main Event. And just like the women’s match, this match has crucial implications for the future. When Triple H stunned the world by turning on Seth Rollins to cost him the Universal Championship, we all knew what that meant. The Universal title match between Owens and Rollins is going to be phenomenal. A sure fire candidate for Match Of The Year will have Seth Rollins as the underdog. He will be clawing and scratching his way to try to beat Kevin Owens and it will sure look like he will win until….IT’S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! Triple H will show up at COC and sure as hell cost Seth Rollins the Universal Championship once again. What will that mean? Well just like Bayley and Sasha Banks, this will lead to the inevitable match at Wrestlemania 33 where the teacher will face the student in an epic clash. Kevin Owens will walk out still the Universal Champion thanks to Triple H where he will go on to face Brock Lesnar soon at the Royal Rumble (sorry Kevin).

Clash Of Champions looks to be a fantastic Pay-Per View if WWE does it right. This event in my opinion will shape the future of many matches in the future which is why this is a VERY important event. Don’t disappoint me WWE.

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Author: Caden Moran


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