SmackDown LIVE Preview 9/20/16

The September 20th edition of SmackDown LIVE comes from Birmingham, Alabama and it already looks like a great show. There are a lot of questions to be answered such as what will happen when Dean Ambrose goes up against John Cena? Ambrose showed signs of a heel turn last week when he turned on Cena after their tag team match so will WWE pull the trigger on a heel turn? What will AJ Styles do to try to keep his title and throw his opponents off guard? How low will Heath Slater and Rhyno have the belts and who will be their next challengers for the tag team gold? Will Alexa Bliss continue her streak leading towards her title match at No Mercy with Becky Lynch? And The Miz will put his Intercontinental Championship on the line against Dolph Ziggler in what promises to be a great match.


Miz vs Ziggler20160919_sd_preview_mizzig-06bb71f1240ab2609e49a2bd7e7a5395

The Miz takes on Dolph Ziggler tonight for the Intercontinental Championship. Now I don’t understand what gives Ziggler the right for another shot at a title but he is a fantastic wrestler so I don’t care. However, I LOVE The Miz. The Miz is by far the most undervalued and underappreciated guy on the WWE roster and it took a seething and angry promo on Daniel Bryan to get everyone’s attention. Do I think The Miz loses the title tonight? Hell no. But this will lead to another title match at No Mercy in (if the rumors are indeed true) a STEEL CAGE! Talk about MOTY candidate.

Dean Ambrose Turning Heel?20160912_sd_event-e7828d4c11e5c77b7aee13fb562399ad

Man. You think the hate towards Roman Reigns is bad? How about the Dean Ambrose hate that is escalating. Ever since Dean Ambrose won the WWE World Title at Money In The Bank, the fans have hated him. Finding him to be a guy who is incapable of carrying the load, they have since given him the Roman treatment. Now unlike with Roman, this is very good for Dean. Deans’ character is stale. He needs something to get him going again and connect with the fans again. How do you do that? Turn him heel. Ambrose is a phenomenal heel and he has all the tools to be the biggest heel in the WWE (ok maybe not that big but you know what I mean). Last week Dean Ambrose gave John Cena a Dirty Deeds after winning their tag team match and yelling “WHAT?” to the booing fans. If that is not the first sign of a heel turn then I don’t know what is. Regardless we will find out who Dean Ambrose really is in the coming weeks.

Heath & Rhyno For Real?20160912_sd_heathcontract-f61db9fe8acc642807d09d4ef3547fb4

Something seems fishy… I don’t know if I trust Rhyno being Heaths tag team partner and fellow champion. After all there were rumors of Rhyno going to team with the returning Curt Hawkins but that looks to be on hold. Now the question is who will next challenge Rhyno and Slater for the Tag Team Titles? The Ascension took the fight to them last week but the obvious choice would be The Usos. Now yes I know American Alpha would be good choice too but Chad Gable is still dealing with his “injury”. I love The Usos now with the new attitude and attire and they would be the perfect opponent for Slater and Rhyno. If not them you still have The Vaudevillians, The Hype Bros, and my favorite, Breezango. And that reminds me….where is the Golden Truth?

So What Else?

Alexa Bliss will look to keep her streak going as she looks toward her title match at No Mercy with Becky Lynch. The feud between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt continues with questions about Erick Rowans motives with Wyatt and for the love of god, WHERE IS CURT HAWKINS?

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Author: Caden Moran


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