RAW Recap 9/19/16

The September 19th edition of Monday Night RAW did not disappoint. Story lines were further advanced and very important moments happened that helped shaped Sundays Pay Per View Clash Of Champions.

Seth Rollins The Babyface026_raw_09192016ej_0767-286753240b84d1c3c47d8130d228a7f2

Seth Rollins has been a confusing character since he returned at Extreme Rules earlier in the year. He returned as a heel when everyone knew he should have been a returning babyface. However, if Rollins returned as a babyface then we wouldn’t be able to witness a hell of a story line involving Rollins and Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Look we all knew a Rollins/HHH feud was coming in the future but it was only a matter of when and where. HHH set the pieces a few weeks ago when he turned on Rollins. Now we have the babyface Seth Rollins we all wanted tonight when he went up against Rusev. Rollins was enjoying the crowd and he was pulling off moves he rarely did as a heel. The crowd was loving Rollins. Cheering for him, chanting his name, and when the match ended via double count out (whatever), Rollins performed a flying cross body onto Rusev from the announcers desk. Rollins taking out a heel using a babyface move solidifies himself as the new top babyface in the WWE. And if you don’t believe me, just wait till I talk about what he did at the end of the night.

The Roman Empire Will Rise20160919_raw_stephroman-c8f58523798fef243b37afe3923d4024

Unpopular opinion incoming but I LOVE Roman Reigns. The guy is great (no pun intended). Look you can hate Roman all you want but he is a hell of a performer and deserves a ton of credit. He has put on some AMAZING matches thus far in 2016 with the likes of AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, and Kevin Owens. It is time for Roman to have a strap around his shoulder once again and that could happen this Sunday as he will face Rusev for the United States Championship. Give Roman a chance to shine again. He is perfectly capable of putting on a great match and when you have a great opponent in the likes of Rusev then that is a serious candidate for Match Of The Night. Roman has improved dramatically over the past year yet every single person wants to boo him and say he cant wrestle? Well dudes Roman will prove you wrong. Believe That!

The Cruiserweights Take Over RAW20160919_raw_briankendrickmatch-163970ec9ff3f64adb718568c5944a0c

After a masterpiece called the Cruiserweight Classic, four of the top Cruiserweights made their RAW debut for a chance to face TJ Perkins at Clash Of Champions for the Cruiserweight Championship. Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Gran Metalik, and Brian Kendrick all faced off in an epic Fatal 4 Way match to determine to number 1 contender. An action packed match full of high risks and beautiful moves took over the arena as all four men layed their bodies on the line. After an action filled ending that seemed to have Alexander come away with the win, Kendrick locked in the Captains Hook (awesome name by the way) and made Cedric tap out and get the win. Brian Kendrick does deserve this. He payed his dues before in WWE and no one ever believed in him. I am disappointed that Cedric did not come away the winner because THE GUY IS GOOD. However, I am happy for Brian and I have no doubt that him and Perkins will steal the show at COC. All 4 of the cruiserweights have bright futures in the WWE and that is a fact.

Sasha Banks: Heel Turn?20160919_raw_womenstag-e4d61dc054f2a40a41f13a778f691ef6

Sasha Banks showed a different side tonight. It wasn’t an aggressive attitude in the ring but it was her reaction to certain things. After the seemingly double pin last week, Mick Foley announced that the Women’s Title match at COC will be a triple threat between Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Bayley. During a backstage segment with Banks and Bayley you could tell Banks was a little….annoyed? Look I do think Banks needs a heel turn because the boss gimmick doesn’t really work as a face so this could work. And especially after Bayley was pinned in the tag team match tonight, Banks was frustrated at Bayley and it was obvious. Banks has been the top woman babyface since the Royal Rumble and maybe this Sunday is a perfect time for a heel turn. But how should the WWE pull it off? Well here’s what I would do. Have the three ladies put on a hell of a match. Have Banks applying the Bank Statement on Charlotte when Bayley comes and breaks it up. Sasha will get frustrated at Bayley which will allow Charlotte to force a pin on Banks and retain the title. Banks will be so frustrated that she will blame Bayley and attack her. This turns Banks heel and sets up a long feud that will last till WrestleMania. But hey, I’m only a writer.

Chris Jericho Is The GOAT20160919_raw_jericho-af39eaca02a495f3cbb1c7fd1abc8690

Chris Jericho’s latest run in the WWE has been phenomenal. He has completely reinvented his character and has gotten so many little things over such as “Stupid Idiot!” and “Drink it in maaaaaaannnnnnnnnn!”. And now he has added a new item, the List of Jericho. A list in where he writes down all the things he doesn’t like about certain things and people in the WWE. A short part about RAW but still one of the best. Chris Jericho is without a doubt, the Greatest Of All Time. Drink it in maaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn!

Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta….. SHIELD!20160919_raw_p_rollinscage2-701f89c8082d0d4e4898a921276a2638

The main event between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns took place inside a Steel Cage. This could only mean one thing. An amazing spot pulled off the new babyface Seth Rollins. The match itself was really good (proving my point earlier that Reigns is a GREAT performer). What happened after was simply a guys dream. After Roman got the win he was attacked by Rusev and locked inside the cage with KO and Rusev. He was beaten down before Rollins’ music hit and he ran out. Now how could Seth get inside the cage if the door was locked from the inside?  Well the average babyface would pull off a daring leap of faith from the top of the cage. WHICH HE DID! Rollins took out both of the heels and was the last man standing inside the cage. Now what could this mean for Rollins and Reigns? Well the two did share a stare down in the ring at the beginning of the show where Reigns smiled and nodded at him. And Rollins did save him from a beat down at the end of the night so who knows. Maybe the rumors are true. Maybe three guys in black are to reunite one day. One day.

What Else Happened?

Cesaro tied up the best of seven series against Sheamus. It is now 3-3.

Bo Dallas continued his mean streak.

The New Day, Sami Zayn, Enzo and Big Cass defeated The Club, The Shining Stars, and Chris Jericho

Braun Strowman defeated Sin Cara


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Author: Caden Moran



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